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Why traditional

  • Order Taking vs. Problem Solving

    With traditional outsourcing, you pass off requirements to a team that turns around your code with minimal interaction.

    But outsourced teams are isolated from your business and lack the business context to solve problems in real time.

    With an outsourced team, you can end up spending more time preparing detailed requirements and going back and forth than you would with your internal team.

    The right partner who understands your needs as agency can adapt to changing project requirements without you having to hold their hand.

  • Transaction vs. Trust

    Outsourcing arrangements tend to be very transactional where the developer's goal is to finish and get paid as fast as possible.

    Quality and long term maintainability become secondary priorities without a shared incentive to find the right balance between quality and speed.

    A deeper, longer term relationship gives your development team an opportunity to establish mutual trust and an understanding of your business.

    With trust and understanding, you can rely on your partner to be accountable, attentive, and adapt to your needs with the same quality standards that you expect from an internal team.

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Partner, not outsource

Jeremy Howell

Director of Business Development for a Software Company

...for us to be able to augment our team with the talent at Web Loft has been a godsend. I'm looking forward to the next 10 years!

Turn-key partnership

It's easy to get started with a dedicated team that extends your core capabilities instantly.

Our partnership goes beyond engineering with support for sales, discovery, and proposals.

Deep process integration

We know your business model because we've been there.

From client communication to code, our partnership respects your brand voice and complements your existing business processes.

Best practices

We've done the hard work for you.

From compliance to process improvement, our partnership maximizes your team's productivity and profitability based on decades of hard-won experience.

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How we can support your agency


Web Design and Development

We help you grow your portfolio, so naturally your agency will attract more clients and will serve a broader audience since we can deliver anything from just a one-page website or a landing page to a web application.



We specialize in ecommerce website design, helping with planning, conceptualizing, and defining the strategy to effectively display and offer your products.


Customer Journey Mapping

We view websites as the most important sales team that works 24 hours a day. We plan logical steps for customers to understand what the website is offering and create touch points throughout the entire visit.


Landing Pages

We minimize distractions that could take people away from the customer journey, and provide them with all the information they need to take action.


Accessibility Compliance

With 98% websites inaccessible and 300% increase in legal actions, accessibility compliance has become very important. You don’t need to learn and worry about WCAG, ADA, and Section 508 compliance because it is our job to know it and inform you and your clients.



A pre-sale discovery takes the burden of creating a web proposal off your shoulders and is critical to the success of each opportunity. 

We work together with you and your clients to gather relevant and required information to build an exceptional user experience. 


Project Management

We guide you every step of the way with well defined processes and tools. Communicating status is key to the success of the project. From initiation to post-launch support, we keep you involved and up to date with all aspects of our work.


Web Master Maintenance

We provide a retainer-based service to fit your client's needs and keep their website up-to-date and secure. You get on-demand support and maintenance for your website which includes updates, security and minor SEO services.

Meet your team

Our Team


Owner & President

Owner & President


Program Manager


Digital Strategist

SEO Team Lead


Business Development




UI/UX Design Specialist

UI/UX Design Specialist


Technical PM

Technical PM


Development Lead

Development Lead








Frontend Developer

Frontend Developer


UI/UX Design Specialist

UI/UX Design Specialist


Content Writer

Content Writer


Developer / QA

Ben Ta

SEO Specialist

Learn how other agencies
use Web Loft Designs

Brian Williams

CEO of Perspectivity International

Web Loft did what they said they were going to do

What other agencies are saying...

The Web Loft team created the results I was looking for. They provided the insights and consulting service we needed to launch our new business and website. It looks great and served our purposes. Most importantly, you can be assured they will “stick with you” moving into the future as your needs arise. They remain steadfast in customer service. Great team that I highly recommend!

Scott Begin, CEO/Founder
Digital Marketing Agency

I engaged Web Loft on a rather complex application development project. They delivered within a reasonable amount of time and within budget. Their communication and project management skills were outstanding. They exhibited an uncommon resolve to operate with integrity and excellence.  I have worked consistently with many outsourced development firms over more than twenty years. My experience with Web Loft Designs was actually the best engagement ever.

Dan Roberts, CEO
Hire Call

During the re-design of our agency’s website, the entire team at Web Loft went above and beyond to ensure we were satisfied with the direction and progress. Their designers and developers not only delivered but they always impressed us with their creativity and ability to solve challenges along the way. Our PM communicated with us on a near-daily basis and that helped ensure a timely delivery of the website. We love it! 

Rami Sbeiti, Co-Founder and Digital Strategist
Marvel Media Group

Web Loft Designs was a pleasure to work with. Their process for development and design kept me in the loop. Not once were my questions or requests a problem. They were responsive throughout the project. They trained me on Word Press to empower me to make changes over time. I am in Canada and they are in Texas and that didn't matter  because they had great communication tools that made sharing ideas very easy. I give them my highest recommendation.

Dean Benard, CEO
Benard & Associates

The technology we asked them to build was complex. As a business owner, I cannot stress enough how much I appreciated working with an outside vendor that actually does what they say they will do. They are people of integrity. I have consistently worked for more than twenty years with in-house and outsourced development teams, I can honestly say that my experience with Web Loft was the best overall experience I ever had while engaging a third-party development group.

I have been using Web Loft for many of my private label design and coding projects. I wanted ONE agency to help serve my clients behind the scenes with any service we needed - whether it was WordPress integration, making custom plugins, ecommerce, databases or other complex tasks that we just couldn't handle in-house.
Web Loft has exceeded my expectations with regards to the way they write code, think deeply and strategically about what I am looking for, and deliver on projects on time. 
I highly recommend Web Loft if you are looking for someone to support your agency by delivering an entire suite of services that'll help you grow your business.

Chris F., CEO & Founder
Digital Marketing Agency

We used Web Loft to build a POS website for a start up business. I was looking for a good amount of guidance and a very hands-on approach. They provided a detailed strategy at a price that was extremely competitive. They did a tremendous job providing the education I needed, in addition to recommendations for hosting, marketing-automation, advanced SEO, and more. They adapted to my communication style and altered some of their processes to make communication easier for me. We love our website... the design is just what we wanted and it functions beautifully.

Beth Wilson, Co-Founder
Treo Storage Agency


  • Initial communication takes place with our sales team in order to collect as many details about your agency and the specific needs of your clients. Most of the initial communication takes place via conference calls, email, or in-person meetings. Our goal is to create a long and fruitful partnership for both of our organizations.

    During a project, you will communicate with our project managers as your main point of contact through Basecamp and conference calls, the premier client communication tool in the market. The project manager will lead you through our well developed process of getting your project from ideation to implementation. Communication with designers and developers will occur as needed, however we don’t overwhelm you with multiple contacts.

    Communication doesn’t end when a project is complete. Our maintenance and support team plays a huge role in the continuing success of our agency partnership.

  • Web Loft has been working with agencies for over 15 years. We have created long-standing relationships that develop trust and confidence in our ability to get the job done. When qualifying us as an agency partner, don't just ask us how much we cost. Yes, we have to be affordable, but we have to be trustworthy, too. You want your partners to produce a good reputation by delivering a quality product in a timely manner. Here are some of the things we do to support you.

    1. Workload/Capacity – One of the key reasons for outsourcing is so you can free up your time, or that of your team. The last thing you want is for your partner to let deadlines slip after promising we can deliver to your deadline.
    2. Flexibility – We have our own preferred tools, ways of working, operating procedures, quality assurance and business hours BUT we are flexible. After all, your agency is unique from the others we work with.
    3. Tools and Procedures – We have extensive experience with multiple project management tools and can work within the requirements of your organization. We also have well defined processes to ensure our work is efficient and repeatable at the same high standard every time.
    4. Communication – The key to any healthy relationship, personal or business, is good communication. We keep you up-to-date multiple times a week with the status of our work.We have clear cut and defined ways of ensuring that you and your client can be kept in the loop at every stage of the process.
    5. We ask questions – We work diligently to understand your brief and what is required. Requirement gathering is key to a successful project so we produce documentation in order to summarize what we are doing and when it will be done. We send screenshots asking for feedback and confirmation. We ask for clear cut approval of each step of the project so  we are developing exactly what you need. Your feedback is critical to the success of our work for your client.
  • Every agency has different needs when it comes to paying their white label vendor. We understand this and provide you with many options to reconcile.

    1. We can bill the agency for all your projects together or invoice for each project individually.
    2. We also offer retainer hours at discounted prices for our  white label agencies.
    3. Any other payment needs can be discussed, we want to work with you and adjust where necessary!

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